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Pairpoint Glass

Individually hand blown decorative glass balls, we carry the following:

Witch BallsSince the 18th Century hollow glass balls have been hung in homes to ward off witch’s spells. Legend has it that the evil spirit is lured to these colorful balls, pulled inside & trapped within the glass web protecting the home from harm.

witch ball
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Beautiful Recycled Glass Dishware from Spain
Lg. & Sm Bowls, Platters, & starfish dishes
All are dishwasher & microwave safe’recycled dishware
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Friendship Balls – These are made the same as the Witch’s Balls without the web inside. They are universally recognized as symbols of friendship and are meaningful gifts for any occasion.

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Aromatherapy Balls – Are individually hand blown much like the Friendship Balls except the blower leaves an opening for you
to add your favorite essential oils (which we also carry!). When the Aromatherapy Ball is hung near a window, natural sunlight heats the glass & the ball emits the scent of the oil

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