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Vermont Soaps, Oils, Sage & Sweet Grass


All Natural & Organic Bar Soaps-
vermont soaps

Some customer favs are:


Oatmeal Lavender


Citrus Sunshine



Vermont Organic Soaps

We carry Bar Soap, Moisturizing Shower Gel, Foaming Hand Soap & Bath Salts. ALL Vermont Soaps are made with Organic Oils and are 100% Natural.

vermont soaps

Sage is used in cleansing ceremonies. Smudging with Sage
is one of the ways people around the globe are reconnecting with the power of Mother Earth. Plus, it smells good!

Our 8” sticks of Sweet Grass Braids are grown in Canada.
They have been used for centuries for their ability to purify
& protect.
soaps sage sweetgrass